New Concept

New Taste !

Pizza Cone

in other form  !

Fresh Ideas

New Recipes  !

Pizza Umbrella

Unique Face Of Pizza!

New Products

We are pleased to announce new Products.


An opportunity for this month for Urgent Buyers


We are too sensitive on the Quality issue

Quick Delivery

We organise Quick and easy deliveries to buyers

Steps to plan your purchase !.

  • Choosing Product ! Step #1
    Before purchase, you need to plan your business.You need to know as what types of equipments does particular concept needs? For to understand beter, pls click....
  • Payment ! Step #2
    Modes Of Payment
    As known, there are different ways for to make  payment . We offer different payment modes for different countries. Some countries banking system is strong...
  • Transportation Step #3
    Depends on your choice
    We deliver order ( products ) both as per buyers desire. It could be as F.O.B ( delivery upto Port İstanbul ) Or it could...

You Can Trust Our Experience

Experience is something you gain with time and with lot of work.Husmak, involvement as a manufacturer is not new.With all our understanding of markets, we think , evaluate  and  design all our products to its perfection.Our experience of our loved work today has converted into trust and quality.In other way to Express, we sell not only products, but Trust and Quality.We welcome all our customers for to trust our experience ( products )

Our Standards

European Approved Products

All our products are prepaired as per CE approval. The equipments are complied to the intarnational food norms.